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HiOscar – A New Insurance Plan for Cohn Insurance Agency

HiOscar – A New Insurance Plan for Cohn Insurance Agency

Oscar Health InsuranceWe have a new insurance plan called HiOscar.

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Their main website that tells all about Oscar is https://www.hioscar.com.

They are currently offering plans in New York, California, and Texas, but they are expanding. Right now, they are only in San Antonio.

It only has deductibles, not an additional out of pocket amount.

One of the things they are trying to do is to “build a better health care experience with simple plans that give you easy access to better care.”

Their plans have affordable copays for most routine care. Guidance is always available from doctors, nurses, and care guides.

Oscar has several simple, I mean simple, plans for you. For instance, in their Secure plan, you pay a low premium, then pay-as-you-go for care. This is best for healthy adults under 30. With the Bronze plan, you pay lower premiums, then pay-as-you-go for care up to the max. Check them out. This page gives you their plans.

 Here is a YouTube Video for you to view:

It only takes a few seconds to find the right plan for you: Click here for Oscar through Cohn Insurance Agency. 

Five Reasons to Choose Cohn Insurance Agency

1. Unlike an agent that works solely for a big insurance company, an independent agent has more resources available to help you. The more resources available, the more likely you are to save hundreds of dollars on your insurance.
2. As Dave Ramsey’s recommended home and auto insurance expert, we can save you money by showing you dozens of policies from different companies.
3. We’ll work with you to get insurance that fits your budget and your needs. We’ll do the leg work for you and bring you the best rates we find.
4. On top of that, we’ll never try to sell you any insurance you don’t need.
5. And unlike the online insurance providers, we’ll actually give you personalized attention and help you whenever you have questions or concerns.

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