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Automobile Insurance-Germania Insurance Safe Driver Reward Program

Automobile Insurance-Germania Insurance Safe Driver Reward Program

How would you like to earn a gift card?

All you have to do is install a sticker on your car, put an app on your smart phone, and every time you drive somewhere, it picks up your driving information and pays you for it through a gift card. You keep up with the payment opportunity on your smart phone. One of the stipulations, however, is you need a Bluetooth connection. It runs in the background and uses GPS.

The best part is all you need to do is go visit your insurance agent at Cohn Insurance Agency, and they will set it up for you.

What is the SafeScoreTM Germania Awards Program?

This pilot program called SafeScoreTM provides auto policyholders with ongoing feedback about how you drive to help you become safer, smarter drivers. Driving data is collected through Germania’s SafeScoreTM app and a tag that adheres to your vehicle’s windshield. The SafeScore app provides information about each trip, including maps, phone usage and tips to improve driving behavior.

Note that SafeScoreTM is about encouraging good behavior. You will not be penalized for bad driving habits. This App, however, is a good tool for identifying risky habits, including cell phone use while driving.

Here are the screenshots for the program:

Picture of Iphone App Screenshots

What are you Waiting For! 

Call Cohn Insurance Agency at 830-751-3444. Go to their office, and Casey will be glad to install the program on your phone and attach the tag to your windshield.

The goal is to make SafeScoreTM available to all Germania auto policyholders.

Want to learn more about it, go to this website: https://appadvice.com/app/safescore-drive-safe-earn/1188780348

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  1. Gay Carnes

    I have been using the SafeScore from Germania only for a few weeks and I have earned $11.25 so far for a Walmart Gift Card. You can also earn gift cards from other places. And, to think, I did not have to do a thing but just drive. Love it!

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